FC Ylivieska's new coaching guide is almost complete. Basically, it's ready, but I wrote and compiled a couple of hundreds of pages and I am working right now on a short public version with an easier to follow structure. This public version will be available on this page right here.

The extensive archive with additional and much more detailed help files will only be available in our internal information database for our coaches. You will only be able to read them if you have the rights for our coaching group and are logged in to your pukukoppi.

At the moment, there are a couple of english preview chapters available, so that you will get an idea what to expect. Topics in our valmennuslinja include techniques, tactics, stamina, psychology, health issues, team organisation, games, trainings and a lot more.

The VL will be ready when it is ready. It is being worked on during every available free minute. Good things take a while.

Happy training!

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