New season, new luck
2.11.2018 22:33 Uutiset / FC Ylivieska II + III

We are hard, we are core, we are cardhore.

New season, new luck!

FC Ylivieska's kakkosjoukkee has it all: swag, wasg, gwsa and even agws!

This one time, at bandcamp, one of our players...

^^that's a reference to American Pie movie. If you remember those movies, preferably have seen them in the cinema when they were released for the first time, you are most likely in a fitting age group for our team.

Our passports say something different, but most of us still feel like 21. Except after games. Then we feel like 54 for 3 days. But when the next game comes, we cannot even get a beer before anymore, because we are 17 again. Rinse and repeat.

During the winter, we push ourselves to the limit in order to get fit for the next season. For that reason, we train 8 times per week. 7 of those trainings are only for insiders though, so we cannot publish them here. The remaining session is:

Saturday 13-14:30 Alavieskan urheilusali

You are welcome to join us during this trainings and try to qualify for the remaining secret 7 trainings (which don't exist anyway). Let us know if you are interested. Are your cardhore enough for us?

*Entry price for training with us is one box of 24 x Lapin Kulta beer.

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FC Ylivieska II + III
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