Second round, here we come
29.7.2019 16:46 Uutiset / D-tytöt (07-08)

Hei joo, it's our show.


this news is in English, so that we can learn the language.

Our team has improved greatly during the last months. Last season, we only got 1 point and scored 8 goals. This season, we already won 4 games and scored 36 goals. But more importantly: We learn how to play beautiful football. Spanish style football. German winning mentality. And excellent teamwork. We are one team. Everyone has an important role.

On top of that, we have a lot of fun. After last season, we lost several players. But during the last months, we won 7 new, motivated players for our team. In total, we now have 20 players in our squad. We still have space for more, if you are interested. :-)

We train 2-3 times per week and every Thursday, we have a game. Our season ends in September. Fingers crossed that our Autumn series will be as great as our Spring series. We are confident that it will be.

See you!

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D-tytöt (07-08)
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