Ekerö IK - FC Y T03-04
2019 - C-tytöt (03-06) - Turnaukset
Klo 10:40 Männiku Stadion, Tallinna, Eesti


Reval Cup Tallinnassa 10.11.-11.11.



Kukkola - Kiia - Sofia - Piitu
Leonna - Jemina - Siiri - Milja
Bench: Oosa, Ronja, Suvi

Tough luck in the first game against a strong opponent from Sweden, Ekerö IK.

17 seconds: Kukkola loses the ball to her opponent who shoots a not overly strong ball at the goal. It slips under Mattila's stomach into the goal, 0-1.

7. After the first shock, it took us some 5 minutes to get into the game, but now we perform on an even level.

9. The opponent is physically stronger than us, faster and has a much better reaction time. We know that we still need to work on this. For now, the key is to find solutions in such situations where the opponent is always a bit faster at the ball than us. Not easy.

11. We lose the ball in the opponent's half and the opponent initiates a quick counter attack. The final shot flies above the goal.

16. Siiri sends Pinja with one of her special passes. It's a little bit too far. The field is quite small, compared to our home stadium.

17. Oosa comes for Jemina, Suvi comes for Milja and Ronja for Leonna.

17. Tough luck again: A harmless distance shot rolls under Mattila's stomach into the goal, 0-2. Just when we got more and more grip on the game. A so called "neckbreaker" goal.

Halftime: Jemina comes back into the game for the slightly injured Kiia. Ilona moves to central defender position, Jemina to the 6 and Siiri to the 10.

23. All good (or, in this case: bad) things are 3, we say in German. Another harmless shot from 16 meters makes its way for the third time under Mattila's stomach into the net, 0-3.

27. Great crossball with the left foot from the right wing from Siiri towards the goal. Oosa jumps in, but misses the ball oh-so-slightly. The ball bounces back to Jemina who doesn't hesitate and shoots. The keeper catches the ball.

30. Siiri sends Ronja on the right wing. Shot from a too tight ankle, the keeper paries, but the ball bounces back to Jemina. Good shot, but the keeper again paries it, this time stright towards Oosa though who puts the ball with a quick reaction into the empty net, 1-3.

32. Corner for Ekerö. Crossbar. The ball jumps down, Kukkola kicks it from the goalline.

34. Siiri dribbles into a promising position and finishes with a smart lob above the keeper - and a few cm too much to the right. No luck in this game.

35. Leonna comes for Kukkola, Milja for Piitu and Kiia for Sofia.

39. Siiri breaks through, but doesn't finish, before a defender pushes her to the side. The immediate counter attack is eventually stopped by Mattila.

Conclusion: The opponent brought 5 balls to our goal, the three least dangerous ones were goals. Apart from that, a draw was possible. Due to the early goal, it was difficult to get into the game, but we eventually found our way and then performed equally to this tough opponent from Sweden. Our top scorer Siina was missed in this game (and the whole tournament). We had to improvise our attack in all games. But more about that in the following reports.

Viiri-award for top player in our team: Piitu

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Ekerö IK 3 - 1
(2 - 0)
30' Maali Niemonen Oosa

30' Maalisyöttö Huuskonen Jemina

40' Veikkaustähdet * Nimi
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