GBK - FC Y T03-04
2018 - C-tytöt (03-04) - T15 Ykkönen
Klo 18:00 Santahaka 3, Kokkola


A great fight against the top team of the league ended with an unlucky result. For 60 minutes, we competed on an even level with GBK, then we made a mistake which led to the goal, and after that the usual football-psychological aspects kicked in and we got two more goals. Still, not bad.

2. The GBK goalkeeper passes a goalkick too unprecisely to the center, Siina catches the ball and puts it flat under the keeper into the net, 0-1. A good start into the game and exactly as we discussed it before the game. Well, not the keeper's pass, but a fast, flat goal.

6. Interesting and open start into the game so far.

7. The GBK goalkeeper now passes a goalkick directly to Siina who stands right at the penalty area line. Another goal? No, this time a high shot and the keeper puts the ball to our first corner. That would have been something: doubling GBK's against-goal in the whole season in only 7 minutes. ;)

10. Positioning mistake in the defense, shot, above the goal from a very free position.

11. Second corner for us. Sofia towards the goal, a defender heads it out, the ball bounces to Siiri, shot to the right corner, the keeper jumps - and paries.

15. The game is looking pretty good.

16. First corner for GBK. Excellent crossball, but the defense clears it. Second cross from the right wing, headball, miss.

17. Nice double pass between Ronja and Ilona on the right wing, Ronja moves forward to the penalty area, but then loses the ball - against herself. ;)

18. Positioning mistake in the defense, GBK's right winger moves alone to the goal and tunnels Pinja, 1-1.

22. Cross to our goal. Several defenders miss the ball, shot, Pinja paries, corner. Lokomotive-style, but everyone misses the ball. Second cross from the other side headball, post, back into Pinja's arms.

24. Oosa comes for Jemina.

27. Good attack from the middle to the right, Ilona gets into shooting position, doesn't hesitate, but her shot misses the right post.

30. High balls cause troubles for us. That's something we have to train. Amongst many other things. Remind me. ;)

31. Freekick Ilona from the half-right side. Chaos in GBK's penalty area, but no goal.

32. We have a thrown-in on the left wing, but it comes badly and we get a quick counter attack. Sofia eventually manages to put the ball to the corner. Again the lokomotive. Great defensive headball from Ronja. Second cross. Excellent save from Pinja.

33. Crossball from Ilona towards the keeper. She almost boxes the ball into her own goal. Corner.

34. Nice attack. Crossball from Ronja to the middle. Siina misses the ball oh-so-slightly. Milja goes for the second ball, but is blocked.

38. Nice direct play including loud communication between Siiri and Ronja. That's what I like to see and hear.

40. Too lightweight defending in the midfield zone, tough shot from a GBK player, Pinja with a terrific safe.

Halftime. Jemina comes for Milja.

10 seconds: One of our kick-off tricks works like a charm. Siina is immediately all through towards the goal. Rough foul from the last defender centrally in front of the goal. No card. But freekick. Ilona takes the ball and shoots - 2 meters above.

43. Great attack through the middle, Siiri with the final pass to Siina. She doesn't quite reach the ball. Immediate counter attack. Pinja saves the final shot.

46. Handball on the half-right wing. Freekick for Ilona. Crossball comes bad. Quick counter attack. Leonna rescues the moment.

48. We defend too lightweight at the half side, tough shot, Pinja with another great safe. Excellent goalkeeping today.

49. Sofia with a handball few cm before our penalty area. Freekick. Flat shot. Pinja with a foot-reflex to the side (corner). Unorthodox, but why not. ;)

53. Dangerous, but effective short passes in our defense including twice the keeper. The opponent moves into our trap and with a quick long ball, we send Siina alone towards the goal. In the last second before she is about to shoot, a defender tackles the ball away. Ilona puts the following corner to the short post, where a defender causes a second corner. This one comes bad and causes a counter attack. A striker runs 1v1 towards Pinja. Pinja wins.

55. Just like in training some time ago: short-short-long, Ilona, Ronja, Siina. A shot. No goal. Also like in training. ;)

56. A very long kick from GBK flies dangerously behind our defense line, but Pinja comes out in best libero style and kicks the ball away 25 meters in front of her goal. Manuel Neuer says hello.

61. Milja comes back in for Jemina.

62. We are running out of power and GBK now has clearly the longer breath.

63. Huge chance for GBK. Pinja saves once more.

66. We have a 4v6 situation in our penalty area. That is too difficult even for Pinja, 2-1. What a pity.

67. Jemina back in for the also injured Oosa.

68. For the first time this season, Sofia moves forward for an attack. It looks promising. Then we lose the ball, get a counter attack and with one toppari less in the defense, there is a hole and a striker lobs the ball above Pinja, 3-1. The decision.

70. Siiri has to come out due to another injury. Now it is 10v11.

71. Oosa goes back to the field, but she cannot move due to her own injury. Since Jemina is also slightly injured, we play basically 9v11. And we still don't give up.

72. Shot from 15 meters. Pinja2corner.

75. This is now really not necessary, but it happens nonetheless: We have a 5v1 situation in our penalty area, but the lonesome striker scores the 4-1 nonetheless.

80. Last corner for GBK. Behind the goal. And over.

Given our situation this season with a squad of just 12 players + help from the D-girls, I think we gave GBK a great fight. With injuries and obviously - due to surely much less training than our opponent - not-so-good stamina, we did what we could. The second goal was the neck-breaker, especially with Oosa's and Siiri's injuries right after that.

The next game is also our last for this season. We want to bring 3 points home.

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GBK 4 - 1
(1 - 1)
2' Maali Huhtala Siina
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