FC Y T03-04 - FC-92
2018 - C-tytöt (03-04) - T15 Ykkönen
Klo 18:00 Keskuskenttä, Ylivieska


6. peli. Paikalla klo. 17.


I was told several times during the last 6 months, that in the past all games were won easily against FC-92. What I saw myself since I am here was a 3-3 in a futsal friendly game, a lucky 1-0 at Jokiedu-Cup and now a 3-3 again. To me, it is no wonder. Just from looking at the FC-92 players, I can see that they train regularly and properly. They look fit and they already show signs of team-tactical behaviour.

Previously, it was maybe enough to have one or two players who could run with the ball across the whole field and then score a goal. This will happen less and less, because all players from all teams will eventually be fully grown and then it's only about skills, fitness and willpower. These things can only be developed by training. With an average of around 1 training per week, it is not possible to become better. And without listening to the coach and following the instructions, wins will become eventually almost impossible. Fooling around on the field before the game while the opponent is focused and prepares for the game doesn't help either.

There are two possible scenarios now:

1. If players want to continue winning against FC-92 like in the past, they have to work for it and train much more.

2. Keep on the current scheme and accept that in the future, FC-92 will win all the games against us.

The game today didn't have many noteworthy scenes. Both teams neutralised themselves. Some of our keyplayers played on Saturday two exhausting games for the womens 7v7 team where they achieved two victories. Therefore they were a bit tired which is understandable.

We didn't do more than necessary. Only when we got a goal, we suddenly played stronger, but only until we quickly equalised, then we went back to our old routines. 3-3 is a correct result for this game.

8. First corner for 92.

11. Bad defense behaviour in the midfield and defense leads to a big chance for 92. Luckily, keeper Oona from the T05-06 team paries the ball.

19. The first chance for us. Ilona wins the ball on the right wing and sends Ronja forward. She dribbles against 3 to the goalline and passes the ball back in front of the goal. Siiri's shot is paried by the keeper and Anette's rebound is blocked shortly before the goalline by a defender's leg.

21. Keeper Pinja who plays striker today has a shooting chance, but the keeper paries the ball.

28. 92's best player is the no. 10. Again and again she causes big troubles for our defense. A very tough shot misses our left post by approx. 3 cm.

30. A crossball from the no. 10 from the right sideline flies straight into the goal, 0-1.

36. Siiri moves forward on the right win and gets fouled in the penalty area. While almost falling down, she keeps leaping forward and puts a pass towards the goal. Pinja rushes in and puts the ball from 4 meters into the net, 1-1.

That was all in the first half.

41. The second half starts with 92's 10 again. Easily she moves around our lines and finishes with a shot. The ball bounces around in front of a goal and with a bit of luck a defender blocks the rebound shot. Second corner.

46. Ronja runs towards the goal, but her shot hits the right outside net of the goal.

53. Jemina sends Ronja all alone towards the goal. Just when she is about to shoot, the ball bounces in a hole in the ground and she only hits the air.

Sidenote: Almost all throw-ins from both teams were wrong all the time.

55. A shot from Siiri from the half-left field is paried by the keeper.

57. A defender shoots at herself. Third corner.

60. Fourth corner for 92.

65. Fifth corner for 92.

66. Sixth corner for 92. The no. 10 puts the corner directly into the goal, 1-2.

67. Ronja wins a 1v1 on the right wing and passes a hard pass into the penalty area. Leonna sneaked into the penalty area and kicks the ball with a bit of luck under the keeper into the goal, 2-2.

69. Anette gets a yellow card for repeated rough play.

70. We have an attack and a very good shooting position. But we dribble instead against 2, 3, 4 players, then lose the ball and get a counter attack. One striker against 2 defenders and the keeper, but everything is done incorrectly and the striker scores the 2-3.

I don't know how often I have to say this: It is OK to make mistakes. That happens. It is NOT OK to then stop playing! If the ball is lost, you have to try to win it back. If you lose the ball, then stop playing and watch how we get a goal, that is a problem. If you lose the ball, try to win it back, but we get a goal nonetheless, that is not a problem.

72. Ilona wins the ball in the defense and puts a precise long ball to Siiri. She moves away from her defender and puts a very slow, but at the same time very precise ball to the right corner of the goal, 3-3.

74. Before the game, I put the following task for the team: play four times a double pass. Now, 6 minutes before the end, the first - and only - double pass (Jemina-Anna-Jemina) is played. It was a very beautiful double pass on the right wing. Sadly it was not only the only working double pass, it was also the only time we even tried a double pass. Task failed.

79. Everyone watches passively while Ilona has a 1v3 situation as last defender. 92 finishes with a shot, but Oona can catch the ball with the second touch.

80.+1 92's goal is completely empty because of a mispositioned keeper. Three players have the chance to shoot, but no one does. Well, it wouldn't have been a nice goal anyway.

Final score: 3-3.


Oona M.
Kiia - Ilona - Sofia - Leonna
Ronja - Jemina - Siiri - Anette
Pinja - Milja

Substituted: Oona J., Emmi, Anna

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T03-04 3 - 3
(1 - 1)
36' Maali Näsänen Pinja

36' Maalisyöttö Sammalkangas Siiri

67' Maali Välimäki Leonna

67' Maalisyöttö Sikkilä Ronja

69' Varoitus Huhtala Anette

72' Maali Sammalkangas Siiri

72' Maalisyöttö Huuha Ilona
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