FC United - FC Y T03-04
2018 - C-tytöt (03-04) - T15 Ykkönen
Klo 18:30 Plan 1, Pietarsaari


Another result which looks much worse than the game actually was. As before, we played at times pretty nice looking football, however a lot of our attacks don't lead to goals. We have many good ideas, but we still need to work on finetuning our technical and tactical skills.

As I pointed out before: One big problem at this age group is the goalkeeper situation. That's one reason why there are a lot of goals. We had previously very bad luck with unlucky goals and today, the situation was that our keeper Pinja couldn't come. In total, we had again only 10 players ready, but Anna already had to pass again during warm-up. From the D-girls we got help from Aada and Salla. For both it was the first time ever in a 11v11 game on the big field and without any proper tactical guidance, we threw them into the cold water, as the saying goes. Both did a great job and thanks to them we could play 11v11 today!

The goalkeeper situation was decided by a lottery. For the first half, the keeper was Anna. However, as she couldn't play, Siiri took her part by free choice. Kudos, Siiri! The second half's keeper was Milja. Having just started playing football a few weeks ago, she needed a quick crash course in goalkeeper's rules. "Do you feel ready to be our keeper?" I asked her during half-time. "No. But I try my best nonetheless." Wonderful mental spirit by Milja! Big thanks to both players for taking that difficult burden on them.

Here are, as usual, some happenings from the game:

4. Both teams sniff each other to find out how the opponent acts. Anette has the first scene of the game as she fights against two defenders on the left wing and finishes with a good shot at the goal. Unfortunately, the ball misses the right post by a bit.

7. After a bad first touch from the defense, United brings the ball dangerously in front of our goal, but the striker misses the ball.

8. First corner for United. Very dangerous situation, but this time the ball can be kicked out of the danger zone. Note the words "this time". See below.

10. The task for today was a certain passing scheme that we practised during the week. Kiia and Aada show this scheme now. Unfortunately, it remains the only time we do it today.

11. Leonna has a flu and is already breathing heavily. Nonetheless, she never gives (well, almost never) up and - spoiler alert - keeps on fighting until the end of the game. One thing is for sure today: our mindset about the game is excellent all throughout!

11. A United-striker puts the ball from 5m 3m above the goal. Lucky for us. Unfortunately that is as much luck as we get today. From now un you may call us FC Unlucky. The short goalkick (theoretically a great decision to play a short kick!) is quickly lost due to unconcentrated playing by the defense. The ball drops away from a defender's leg, a striker catches it and puts the ball into the goal, 1-0.

14. Aada ends a fast counter attack for United at the price of the second corner. Just like last game, the corner is shot directly into the goal, 2-0. As I mentioned before: Such goals will not happen in the future when players are fully grown. I myself thus do not consider such goals as big deals. They happen because of the physique of many junior players.

15. Siiri dives down and saves a precise shot. Leonna then puts the ball out of the field before a striker's rebound. Third corner. The United-strikers make use of their stronger physique and push away the keeper and several defenders, so that they can put the ball uninterrupted into the goal, 3-0. In my opinion, it was a foul in the 5m area against the keeper, but oh well, this is not Bundesliga, but real football. ;)

21. Almost an own goal, but Siiri can save the ball with a quick reflex. Again, what follows is very bad luck as the ball bounces straight to an opponent who puts the ball into the empty net, 4-0.

22. 3 strikers against Siiri. I don't know how, but Siiri saves the ball. Nice one.

25. One thing I like about our team is that we keep on playing, no matter what happens. If you get as many unlucky goals as we do, it would be easy to feel like giving up. But that never happens. Sometimes it's good if you think less. ;) Anette puts a marvellous pass from the left wing to the middle behind the defense line. Ilona and her opponent fight for the ball forward up to the goalline. Eventually Ilona can put the ball back to Anette who shoots from 18 meters into the left top corner, 4-1. Great fighting spirit from Ilona and A+ finish from Anette.

29. It is how it is: unlucky. The agile right winger from United intends to put a cross to the middle, but she doesn't hit the ball properly, so it curves... right into the long corner of the goal, 5-1. What can you do if this happens. Nothing.

33. A striker runs alone towards Siiri, but while Siiri's leg hits the ball, the opponent's leg hits Siiri's head (not on purpose). After a little shock-pause, Siiri shows toughness and continues playing without an ice pack. Tsemppiä!

35. If you have [censored] at your shoes, you have [censored] at your shoes. A shot from the opponent hits the post, bounces back at Siiri's back and from there into the goal. Of all the unlucky goals we got during the last games, this is the most unlucky one, 6-1.

38. The last chance of the first half is for Siina. She runs away from United's defense, but finishes with a shot at the keeper.

At half-time Siiri was very sad, because she got six goals. I hope that the description of these goals shows her, that there was nothing much she could do about it. Very unlucky scenes while at the same time a couple of excellent saves from her. She did a good job!

For the second half, it was Milja's turn to keep our goal clean. Let's see how she did. ;)

48. The second half evolves very slowly, nothing happens for several minutes. Then a long pass towards our goal and Milja... does a Robinsonade. Wow. Pure instinct as she cannot know what this even is. She then passes the ball straight to a nearby opponent though, but the United-player is too surprised about it, so she doesn't score.

52. Siiri, who plays as right winger now, wins the ball from her opponent, dribbles to the center and finishes with a shot with her left foot into the right corner of the goal. Nice one, 6-2.

56. Anna wants to try and play. She comes in for Salla, but after a few minutes she has to leave the field again due to pain.

57. A distance shot seems to go straight through Milja into the goal, 7-2.

58. What works well today is our offside trap. Not that we have an offside trap. But it works. ;)

59. Milja's second safe of her life as a goalkeeper. Quite exciting.

65. Another United-corner from the right and another goal, 8-2. Apparently, they have been practising corners. I wished we would have time for that.

70. Siina is all through on the right wing. At the right moment she moves towards the middle and finishes with a shot to the left. The keeper jumps, saves the ball and immediately puts it forward. United plays a fast counter attack and... scores. 9-2.

73. Ilona passes to Siina who directly forwards the ball to her sister Anette. One quick rotation arund her opponent, a shot and... no score. A few cm too much to the left.

75. A little "fight" between Siiri and her opponent. The referee lets it be. I would have given a yellow card for both with a little speech about what is part of football and what is not. ;)

39. Let's finish the game with another very unlucky scene, just so that we round everything up: After the last corner for United, Ilona heads the ball from the goalline, but the ball bounces to an opponent and from there into the net in a billard-style fashion. 10-2.

As I wrote before: Aside from the result, our game was really not that bad. Many good ideas and trying to play football all throughout the game. No luck with our few chances. Bad luck in front of our own goal. United surely is a deserved winner of this game, however, 10-2 is way too high a score. 5-3 would be more appropriate. Maybe next time? But for us. :D

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FC United 10 - 2
(6 - 1)
25' Maali Huhtala Anette

25' Maalisyöttö Huuha Ilona

52' Maali Sammalkangas Siiri
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