FC Y T03-04 - IK Myran
2018 - C-tytöt (03-04) - T15 Ykkönen
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Keskuskentän pukukopissa klo. 18:00.


Today we welcomed the no. 1 team of the league to play our "revanssi" for the too high loss during the first game. We practised well ever since and improved our teamwork during the last games, including a 5-5 against KPV-04 where we had 6 2005-girls on the field.

As usual, we also needed help from the 2005-team for this game. 3 Oonas and 1 Oosa came to the rescue. Lineup:

Oona M
Leonna - Ilona - Kiia - Oona K (Oona J)
Siina - Piitu - Oosa - Ronja (Jemina)
Milja - Pinja

The coach gave a couple of tasks for this game and the team tried to fulfill these tasks. It worked quite well, but there is still much room to improve, of course. All in all, I can already spoil that the game ended 0-0 and it was the best FOOTBALL game so far this season. Read about the game in this chronological report:

8. Both teams started carefully and patiently. No one wanted to make the first mistake. And no one did. After eight minutes, the first attack in the game occured. Ronja made it to the opponent's penalty area, but then got stock and IKM initiated a quick counter attack. A dangerous situation for our defense occured, but keeper Oona was able to catch the shot.

15. The first shot for our team happened after 15 minutes. Oosa tried her luck from 22 meters distance. The ball missed the goal by quite a bit.

17. The backwards defending didn't work very well yet, especially the wingers had problems doing both, offensive and defensive work. Of course, if every position also has defensive tasks, more work has to be done and thus more stamina is needed. For that we need to train more. It's as simple as that. Ilona eventually could stop an IKM-attack, causing the first corner with a nice sliding attacking. The first cross didn't make it to the goal, but a second one followed. With a second grip on the ball, Oona ended the chance.

21. Finally we got some space to play football. Ilona stopped an attack in a strong fashion and immediately put a precise crossball forward to Pinja. One body trick against an opponent and a pass to the left to Siina followed. Just like planned before the game, Siina moved towards the center and shot with the inside of the right foot to the goal from a difficult angle. The ball hit the crossbar.

22. Kiia stopped an attack in a very strong fashion and immediately put a precise pass forward to Ronja on the right wing. She moved forward, but today she lacked her usual power. Her shot missed the goal.

24. A striker attacked our keeper who lost the ball out of her hands. The striker then put the ball towards the empty goal. Ilona came to the rescue and kicked the ball away.

26. Ronja's attempt at a cross from the right wing got wider and wider and eventually landed at the inner left post from where the ball bounced back to the keeper.

27. The midfield didn't attack strongly enough and left Oona K with a too difficult defending situation. The striker won the 1v1, keeper Oona M rushed out of the goal and the striker put the ball to her right. And also to the right of the goal.

31. Piitu - who played only her second game this season - got stronger and stronger by the minute, fulfilling her defensive midfield role as well as getting more and more involved into the playmaking part of our game. In this minute, she put a very nice pass to the left to the freshly substituted Oona J who delivered a good crossball towards the middle. Just when Milja was about to get the ball, a defender kicked it out of her danger zone.

39. The last minutes looked very nice on both sides. Good football with a glimpse of tactical football for the future. The coach was very pleased. Nothing noteworthy happened on both sides, but a 0-0 can also be entertaining.


The second half doesn't have a lot of spectactular scenes. That's a good thing. We repeated our tasks for this game again in the break and the second half looked very good from a teamwork and football-perspective. Well done, tytöt.

51. The game was very even at this point. Both teams kind of pushed each other to play an equal style. It's really nice to see what good football can be achieved if both teams are open for it. Better no goals, but good football than shooting from 25 meters under the crossbar above a small keeper.

54. Finally a breakthrough. And for FCY. Siina managed to move forward on the right wing, entering the penalty area. Her angle to the goal became too tight though and she finished with a shot which the keeper could clear to our first corner. Now, despite having a clear plan for our first corner, the corner was executed very badly: directly behind the goal. What happened to our plan?

56. Siina was again through on the right wing, but a defender stopped her with illegal measures about 19 meters on the half-right. We also had a plan for our first freekick at this distance. However, it didn't happen. Instead a crossball was put directly to a defender who initiated a fast counter attack. The defense mistimed their run and a striker was suddenly all alone in front of our penalty area. Keeper Oona stayed cool and caught her shot. Next time, please do our freekick as discussed, girls.

60. Second corner for us. Now we followed the plan, but the execution still needs work. Little hint: Which foot from the right corner? Right or left? Bonus hint: not the right. ;)

65. Corner for IKM, but Ronja kicked the ball out of the penalty area. Players started getting tired.

66. A ball loss in the central midfield, a misplaced keeper, a shot. Luckily, also a miss.

69. With power running out, IKM now got the upper hand. Two shots missed our left post within short time.

70. Our keeper puts a goalkick behind our own goalline. First time I saw this happening in my life. The following corner from IKM came dangerously into the 5 meter area. Ilona got pushed and the ball flew at her head and bounced into the goal. The referee immediately gave freekick for Ilona. That was the last chance for IKM in this game.

80. The last 10 minutes were played with much routine. The akkus were quite empty, but the ball was carried smartly around the field. In the very last second of the game, Piitu sent Pinja one last time towards the goal. 22 meters centrally in front of it, she got fouled. Siina took the freekick - and shot towards the keeper.

That scene ended the game. The 0-0 is a fair result in a good juniors football game. Our next opponent is PeFF. During the first game, we didn't have a keeper and didn't have much luck either. Let's see what happens this time.

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T03-04 0 - 0
(0 - 0)
IK Myran
80' Veikkaustähdet * Latvakoski Kiia

80' Veikkaustähdet ** Huuha Ilona

80' Veikkaustähdet *** Hilli Piitu-Riia
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