TU/Nice - FC Y Edari
2018 - Edari - Naisten 7v7
Klo 11:30 Kruunupyy, Centralplan


The first official womens game for FC Ylivieska. We had a difficult situation: only 3 players were able to come. We got 4 C-girls to help us out. Thank you very much for that. We also had difficulties finding rides to Kruunupyy, but eventually we made it in time to the stadium.

The very first lineup in the first game ever:

Sofia - Leonna
Siiri - Ilona - Ronja

No substitute players. The oldest player 17. The youngest 12.

Here are some of my notes:

10 seconds: Ronja passes to Ilona, passes to Siiri, shoots at the right post. What a start. The opponent hadn't even moved yet.

58 seconds: Ilona passes to the starting Leonna on the left, she tunnels one opponent and passes to Emmi who is all alone 5 meters in front of the empty goal. 0-1. First official women's team's goal in FC Ylivieska's history. Forever!

3. A faulty pass in the defense brings a TU-striker alone to our goal, 1-1.

5. Sofia has a throwin to Siiri. She does a solo and shoots. The keeper paries. First corner.

6. Siiri does a flat shot with the left foot. The keeper paries.

6. The keeper paries Siiri's cross at the cost of corner no. 2.

7. Quick counter attack for TU. Sofia stops it with a foul. The freekick misses the goal.

13. Siiri is through on the right wing after a great run. She finishes with a lob slightly above the crossbar.

13. Ilona wins the ball in the central area of the field, starts a solo and lobs the ball to the left top corner, 1-2.

15. Ronja runs through on the left wing and passes to Ilona in the middle. Forward pass to Siiri, direct shot at the goal, keeper paries.

17. Ilona sends Siiri. Again a good shot to the corner and another excellent save by the keeper. Third corner. Siiri gets two shots at the goal, the keeper saves both of them.

20. Ilona runs literally through the complete opponent's lines, but her shot misses the left post.

24. 12 years old "tipu" (?) Siiri shows mad skills against her much older and more experienced players. It's a delight to watch her play today.

24. 4th corner.

25. Emmi crosses from the left to Ilona, she shoots, the keeper paries. 5th corner.

25.+1 Tough shot from Ronja. The keeper paries. 6th corner.

Second half:

27. Ilona literally runs from our own penalty area into the opponent's penalty area. The defense blocks her. 7th corner.

29. Ilona passes to Siiri. Her shot with the left foot hits the outside of the net.

31. A mistake from the defense and the 1st corner for TU. Ilona heads the ball out of the danger zone.

34. 2nd corner for TU. Some signs of tiredness can be seen now. No wonder.

34. Fine double pass on the right wing between Siiri and Ronja. Siiri is through, the defense clears. 8th corner.

38. Siiri sees an opportunity and moves sneakily to a free space. Ilona passes to her. The keeper paries once more. 9th corner.

39. Ilona runs through on the right wing and puts a smart pass to the center. Siiri jumps in and puts the ball to the right corner of the goal, 1-3. Excellent football.

42. Siiri helps out in the defense. 3rd corner for TU. The defensive behaviour of the team is much better than in the first half when TU had a couple of dangerous counter attacks against our too openly positioned defense. Remember, girls: When your line (1st line: striker line, 2nd line: midfield line, 3rd line: defense line) is crossed, you become a free player and have to push full force to the ball! Always! That's one of my biggest expectations for all my players.

43. Sofia puts a long ball to Ilona who lobs the ball above the rushing keeper from 20 meters under the crossbar, 1-4.

47. The team is tired now. The opponent exploits a slow moment and scores the 2-4.

47. Siiri shoots, a defender distracts the shot, but the keeper shows an excellent reflex. 10th corner.

49. Another tired moment and another counter attack goal for TU, 3-4.

49. Double pass Siiri-Ilona leads to the last corner of the game, no. 11. No, wait, the corner is cleared to yet another corner: no. 12. That's the last scene of the game.

Good job and a pleasant, because unexpected surprise.

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TU/Nice 3 - 4
(1 - 2)
1' Maali Virkkala Emmi

1' Maalisyöttö Välimäki Leonna

13' Maali Huuha Ilona

39' Maali Sammalkangas Siiri

39' Maalisyöttö Huuha Ilona

43' Maali Huuha Ilona
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