FC Y Edari - KP-V/Remix
2018 - Edari - Naisten 7v7
Klo 13:00 Kruunupyy, Centralplan


The first game against TU/Nice took a lot of energy, thus the team was a bit exhausted during the second game. No wonder. Even more awesome is the fighting spirit everyone showed, particularly in the second half. KP-V/Remix was a stronger opponent than TU/Nice, but at the end, it was a deserved victory.


Veera - Sofia
Siiri - Ilona - Leonna

Here are some of my notes:

2. The defense is very open. First corner for Remix.

6. Very scatterbrained game so far. First chance for us: Freekick from 20 meters for Ilona. The keeper paries.

8. Ilona sends Siiri. The keeper jumps and puts the ball to the side. First corner for us. Remix intercepts the corner and starts an immediate counter attack. No one interrupts the ball carrier, thus she can finish with a shot. The ball misses the left post by only a few cm.

10. Veera is alone against three strikers in our own penalty area. That's bad. But she gets the ball against all odds and puts it forward to Ilona who counter attacks, but her shot goes wide.

11. A shot from Remix is dangerously distracted by a defender's leg. Ronja, who is our goalkeeper in this game, shows a brilliant reflex and saves the situation in a very clever way. Like a real goalkeeper.

17. Nothing much is happening. Regarding our situation, this can be considered a good thing.

18. A 30 meter shot from Remix flies dangerously to our goal, luckily a bit above it.

19. A very dangerous freekick for Remix. Veera jumps in at the very last second before the striker who is already about to kick the ball into the empty goal. A lucky moment.

25. Ilona wins the ball in the midfield area, immediately switches forward and shoots. The ball misses the goal by half a meter.

Second half:

27. After a mistake and then stopping to play in the midfield, Remix attacks, but Sofia rescues us at the last moment. Corner for Remix.

32. Leonna throws-in to Ilona who lobs the ball from the half left wing, but the ball misses the goal slightly.

34. Emmi wins a headball duel and Leonna finishes the chance with a shot to the left side of the goal.

35. The players are obviously out of power now, but the adrenaline kicks in and they show terrific fighting spirit. Their message: We want to win this game against all odds!

35. Remix has another dangerous attack, but Veera can clear the ball. Corner.

36. Big double chance for Ilona, but the keeper paries both shots from short distance.

39. Siiri helps out in the defense and wins the ball from the striker in our penalty area. She initiates a counter attack which ends with her shooting the ball to the right of the goal. Nicely done. Only luck was missing.

42. Siiri and Veera move forward on the right wing. Hard pass towards the center. A defender puts the ball to the side. Corner for us.

44. Siiri wins the ball from her opponent and turns around her. Still turning around, she immediately delivers a shot to the flat left corner. No chance for the jumping keeper, 1-0. That was a wonderful goal and Siiri smiles happily.

47. Veera finishes a nice attack with a shot, but the keeper fetches the ball and starts an immediate counter attack. Striker Emmi helps out and stops the attack shortly before our penalty area. Good defense help there. That's what I want to see!

49. Siiri gets fouled at the middle line, but the foul is given against her for some reason. Remix moves all players but the keeper into our penalty area. Luckily the freekick goes some 2-3 meters above the goal. That could have been dangerous. But luckily wasn't. ;)

25. Hectic last seconds. Ilona wins the ball and finishes with a shot. The keeper paries and puts the ball quickly back to our half. Siiri helps out and steals the ball from the almost shooting striker in our penalty area. That was literally a safe in the last second. Soon after, the game is over.

Congratulations to two victories during our first tournament day ever. Well done, ladies!

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Edari 1 - 0
(0 - 0)
47' Maali Sammalkangas Siiri
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