Reima - FC Y Edari
2018 - Edari - Naisten 7v7
Klo 10:00 Toholampi, Jalkapallokenttä 2



Tetti, Sofia
Pinja, Ilona, Ronja

Vaihtopelaajat: Siiri, Siina

5. First corner for us. We practise our new corner idea. It almost worked out.

7. While we have a bit more from the game, we have the usual problem: the offensive players don't help out the defense, thus the defenders often face short-handed situations. Our goal results show that: by far the most against-goals of all teams.

8. Another problem that is typical for us, occurs: a player has a 1v2 situation and one meter next to her, another player watches what is happening instead of helping out and creating and equal 2v2 situation.

10. The defense has another 2v3 situation.

11. After a foul against Pinja, Siina has a free-kick from the half left side. A defender saves the shot on the goalline with her chest and initates a quick counter attack. No one helps backwards. Luckily Veera saves the shot. First corner for Reima.

13. A defender shoots at an opponent. She doesn't hesitate long and puts the ball into the right corner, 0-1 for Reima.

14. Second corner. Siiri shoots at the outer net of the goal.

15. Defense again 2v3.

17. Sofia passes to Siina. Her shot misses the left post by a little bit.

18. Defense again 2v3. Ronja rescues the situation (by causing a corner).

19. Ronja moves forward on the right and finishes with a shot. The keeper paries.

20. Good shooting position central in front of the goal for Siiri. The keeper paries her shot.

21. Siiri tries a lob, but the keeper is awake and paries again.

22. Something new: the defense faces a 2v3 situation.

22. A fine double pass on the left (Ilona, Siiri), then a smart pass towards the goal. Emmi is alone in the penalty area, but is too surprised and misses the chance.

25. Goalkick Veera to Ilona. On the left she winsa a situation versus 2 opponents, moves towards the goal and with the outside of her foot scores the 1-1. That was top-notch!

25.+1 The defense is 2v2 in our own penalty area. Sofia can save the scene (corner).


30. Rare counter attack for us. Siiri passes to the right to Ilona. Ilona passes to the middle to Siina. Siina moves towards the goal and tries to shoot directly. The keeper is on alert though and saves the ball.

31. Another counter attack. Not so rare now anymore. Ilona passes to Siiri. Siiri shoots. Keeper paries. However, it looks like the ball was clearly behind the goalline. The referee didn't see it from his position. Luck for Reima.

34. Ilona moves forward on the right wing and finishes with a shot. The keeper has problems, but eventually paries the shot.

35. Our defense work is much better in the second half. So far no 2v3 (or worse) situations. The opponent seems like running out of power now. It's indeed very hot in the relentless midday sun.

36. Strong through-pass from Pinja to Siiri. She curves around the keeper and puts the ball to the empty goal. A defender jumps in and kicks the ball from the goalline to a corner.

38. Counter attack, 3v1. Pinja gets a shooting chance, but the ball goes to the keeper.

41. Now Ronja tries a shot. The keeper wins again.

43. Ronja is on the left wing now and delivers a beautiful pass with her left foot towards the goal. Siiri rushes to the ball, but misses it oh so slightly.

43. Ilona, Siiri and Siina move towards the goal as a triplet. We finish too hectic and Siina's shot flies above the goal. The opponent is very tired now.

44. Ronja helps our defense secure an attack. Tetti gets the ball and sends Siiri on the right wing. A brilliant pass between the keeper and defender and Siina can put the ball into the goal at the long post, 2-1. Great goal.

46. Our girls are on fire now. Ronja's tough shot misses the right post.

47. Double chance for Siina and Siiri. Again a bit too rushed and the keeper eventually gets the ball.

49. Huge chance for Reima. A defender's leg is in the way. Ilona starts a solo counter attack and runs up to the opponent's goal. Unfortunately not into it though.

50. Last counter attack? siina gets the ball in the penalty area, curves around the keeper and puts the ball behind the line, 3-1.

50.+1 Reima misses our goal from 3 meters distance. Luck is on our side.

50.+1 The last ball goes to Siina, she curves again around the keeper and puts the ball into the left corner, 4-1. Hattrick!

After a difficult first half, we stood much better in the second half and were able to turn this game around. Good job.

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Reima 1 - 4
(1 - 1)
25' Maali Huuha Ilona

25' Maalisyöttö Savukoski Veera

44' Maali Huhtala Siina

44' Maalisyöttö Sammalkangas Siiri

44' 2. maalisyöttö Lohvansuu Tetti

50' Maali Huhtala Siina

50' Maali Huhtala Siina
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