Reima - FC Y Edari
2018 - Edari - Naisten 7v7
Klo 11:30 Kaustinen, Urheilukenttä 1


Due to Veera's injury in the first game, she played as a goalkeeper in this game against Reima. Lineup:

Sofia - Tetti
Leonna - Siiri - Siina
Emmi (Pinja)

3. We start stable into the game and after 3 minutes we even score a goal. Reima has a 4v3 situation, but shoots at the outside of the net. Pinja kicks the goalkick to Siina, she runs forward on the left and puts the ball into the right corner, 1-0. So we thought. Reima's players complained loudly about a too long goalkick. The referee eventually said "well, ok", and disallowed the goal.

I have to say this very clearly: It is unacceptable that in half our our games, the referees allow long goalkicks and in half of the games they don't. And it can definitely NOT be that a referee, who believes that long kicks are allowed, then decides to disallow them just because one team complains about a goal. What the <20punnerusta> is this farce?

In the first game today, the same referee allowed long goalkicks and at the beginning of the second game, he also allowed it. And then he disallowed it because Reima complained. Now, I'm a sportsman and didn't say anything. But what if I would have complained back and requested to continue the SAME rule as before on that game day? If I cannot rely on same rules during same games, on what can I rely? Complaining is lame.

8. Distance shot from Tetti. Keeper paries.

9. Siiri passes to Siina. Tricks 2 opponents. Chips the ball to the goal. And to the keeper.

11. 2v3 situation in the defense. No one attacks the striker. Uninterrupted shot into the corner, 0-1 for Reima. Out of nothing. The first time in front of our goal. Very undeserved new score.

16. During the last five minutes, we show some good football with a couple of nice game constructions scenarios, double passes, through passes etc. Reima has only physical power to put against this and cannot compete with our technical style. But the score is still on their side.

16. And then, as if the football God wants to mock us, Reima scores the 0-2 out of the blue again. The defense's positioning was wrong, one pass, goal. The third time the ball came to our penalty area and the second goal. That's the difference.

19. Siina moves forward on the left. Her finish is neither shot nor pass, but she gets a corner, at least.

23. After Siiri wins the ball from her opponent in the midfield in a strong fashion, she forwards it to Emmi. A Smart pass puts Pinja into a good shooting position. She doesn't hesitate, but her shot flies above the goal.

At 24:45 the referee whistles half-time.

35. We start to run out of power due to only few possible substitutions. The defense doesn't stand as tight as in the first half, but nonetheless, for 10 minutes, Reima is not once remotely near our penalty area. Safe game.

36. And just when I wrote the above note in my notebook, a Reima-player shoots the ball with the top of her foot (what's it called in English?) from almost 30 meters and scores the 3-0. I don't know what to say. She even said herself that it wasn't even a correct shot. Luck has been very unevenly distributed today.

40. The game is over, even though it's not over officially yet. The 3-0 was the neck-breaker. After the goal, Reima defends smartly and doesn't do more than necessary. No need to. Both teams get a couple of corners, but none brings any danger.

43. After a Reima-corner, we start a quick counter attack. Pinja runs alone towards the goal, Waits for the right moment and puts the ball to the left flat corner, so that the keeper couldn't reach the ball. Everything done correctly, as practised. Except, we just don't have luck. The ball - literally - misses the left post by 2 or 3 cm. The Reima-bench laughs loudly. Not very friendly.

44. Leonna moves forward on the right wing and finishes with a shot to the goal. The keeper paries.

48. The game is now completely broken. Both teams play with 2 defenders and 4 strikers. The ball bounces back and forth. Time to end this mess.

50.+1 One last shot for Siiri: above the goal.

As if it wasn't already bad enough to lose a game despite playing the much better football, the Reima-captain came to me after the game. I thought she would congratulate me for our good performance or say something friendly to consolidate us. But no, instead she complained that my players didn't shake hands properly after the game.

As I wrote before: I don't want to engage in pity quarrels, because that is not my interest. However, after pondering about it for a while, I decided to finish this report with the following statement:

If you don't show good sportsmanship and compassion with an unlucky loser, if you complain to the referee, if you cheer exaggeratedly when a young girl misses a big goal chance at 0-3, if you - as grown-up, adult women - quarrel with young girls who are half or even triple your age, you maybe shouldn't complain about too soft shakehands.

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Reima 3 - 0
(2 - 0)
50' Veikkaustähdet * Savukoski Veera
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