Saku Sporting - FC Y T03-04
2019 - C-tytöt (03-06) - Turnaukset
Klo 13:10 Männiku Stadion, Tallinna, Eesti


Reval Cup Tallinnassa 10.11.-11.11.



Kukkola - Kiia - Sofia - Piitu
Leonna - Ilona - Jemina - Ronja
Bench: Mattila, Suvi, Milja)

36 seconds: Our plan to score a quick goal instead of getting one worked like a charm. Good pass from Leonna from the right wing to Siiri who enters the penalty area and puts the ball safely into the net, 1-0.

5. The opponent hasn't been in our half of the field yet.

6. First long ball into our half. Pinja catches it, throws to Leonna, double pass with Ilona and a run forward. Defender to corner. Keeper catches the ball.

8. Shot for Saku. Missed on the left side.

11. Oosa catches a goalkick from the opponent, passes to Siiri, who forwards to Ilona, who shoots directly - and above the goal.

15. Siiri sends Ronja on the left. From a tight angle she shoots at the keeper.

17. Second corner for us. Again to the keeper.

19. Ilona with a great pass through the middle to Siiri who breaks through and lobs at the goal. The tall keeper manages to wipe the ball above the crossbar. Corner. Nice trick with Oosa and Siiri and a crossball to Ronja. Her headball misses the goal.

20. 4th corner. No danger.

Halftime: Milja for Jemina, Mattila for Kukkola, Suvi for Ronja

22. After a foul, Kiia has to be substituted. Kukkola comes back in.

23. Siiri with a good crossball from the right wing, the keeper jumps and paries greatly, but the game continues. Piitu captures the ball and passes it on to Siiri who enters the penalty area between two defenders and leaves the keeper no chance with a tough shot from 6 meters. 2-0.

26. Hard cross from Ilona from the right wing to the center. Milja misses the ball by a centimeter in the 5 meter area, but Suvi runs in from behind and shoots to the right corner - slightly next to the post.

27. A bit of luck for us when Mattila passes the ball back to keeper Pinja and she catches the ball with her hands. The referee didn't give a free kick though.

28. First corner for Saku. And actually the first real attack for the opponent. The ball cannot be secured and a lot of legs try to kick it somewhere. Unfortunately, a Saku-leg is the longest and the ball spins into the goal, 2-1.

29. 5th corner for us. No danger.

34. Brilliant pass from Leonna to Ilona. She moves into the penalty area and shots from 10 meters slightly above the goal.

35. A rough foul against Ilona and a necessary substitution. Jemina comes back into the game.

37. Leonna asks for a substitution. Ronja comes back into the game.

38. Great crossball from Siiri. Oosa misses it in the 5 meter area by a few cm.

19:45 15 seconds before the end, we get one last unnecessary counter attack. The defense reacts too slowly and a striker is all through. Luckily, she shots from a tight angle behind the goal.

A very deserved victory, albeit the result could have been clearer and the last second chance almost cost us 2 points.

The viiri-award (unfortunately without a viiri) goes to Siiri who scored both goals and constructed the game in the midfield in a very good way.

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Saku Sporting 1 - 2
(0 - 1)
0' Maali Sammalkangas Siiri

0' Maalisyöttö Välimäki Leonna

23' Maali Sammalkangas Siiri

23' Maalisyöttö Nimi

40' Veikkaustähdet * Sammalkangas Siiri
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