Esbo BK - FC Y T03-04
2019 - C-tytöt (03-06) - Turnaukset
Klo 14:50 Männiku Stadion, Tallinna, Eesti


Reval Cup Tallinnassa 10.11.-11.11.



Kukkola - Ilona - Sofia - Suvi
Leonna - Piitu - Siiri - Ronja
Bench: Jemina, Pinja, Kiia

Due to Kiia's injury, Ilona moved to the central defense position to bring stabilisation to our line. The opponent previously won 4-1 against Saku but got a tough 0-5 against Ekerö. We therefore expected an even game. With a draw or a win, we would be 2nd in our group. Espoo needed a victory. They turned out as a full 2005-team with fast and agile players, but physically with a disadvantage.

5. The start of the game is very open. No chances for either side during the first 5 minutes. Both teams try to get security and stability to their actions.

8. First attack: Siiri sends Oosa centrally to the goal. She and the keeper sprint towards the ball - and the keeper is a millisecond faster.

10. Leonna asks for a substitution. Pinja comes in. Normally our keeper, Pinja had to play striker, 10er and right winger during this tournament. ;-)

12. Great pass from Siiri to Oosa on the center. She breaks through, but the linesman decides that it was offside. I am 99,99% sure that it was not. The pass and the movement was just too good, so he must have thought: "This cannot be true." ;-)

15. Suvi sends Ronja with a hard pass down the left wing. With a massive run, she gets rid of three opponents and moves into the penalty area. From a too tight angle she finishes and shoots at the keeper. Little hint: Everything was perfect - until the finish. Next time: pass to the center where someone will be able to put the ball into the empty goal. The following corner is kicked to the first defender.

17. Second corner. Siiri with a headball from 3 meter above the goal.

Halftime: Jemina comes for Piitu, Kiia for Sofia and Leonna for Ronja

22. Leonna with a great run on the right wing, and she is all through. At the last second she stops her run and a defender can secure the ball.

23. Jemina intercepts a long goalkick and immediately passes to Siiri. One look up and a precise shot to the left corner from 25 meters (!) distance marks the 1-0.

25. Kukkola rescues a big chance on the goalline. Second time today.

26. Good shot from Siiri, but to the keeper.

28. The opponent pushes more and more, but Ilona is everywhere and stops every attack.

29. Leonna with a foul outside of the penalty area. Dangerous free kick position. Shot. Slightly next to the goal.

30. The defense runs under a high ball and a striker runs all alone to the goal. Mattila comes out and engages in a 1v1 15 meters in front of the goal. She wins and immediately starts a counter attack. Leonna runs away from everyone on the right wing - and eventually also runs behind the goal. Be brave and finish with a shot next time. The run was awesome. :-)

34. Siiri with a through-pass to Pinja who curves around the last defender and tries to put the ball to the corner. The keeper with a fast reflex. Corner.

38. Some last minute substitutions after we waited almost 4 minutes for a game interruption: Piitu for Suvi, Ronja for Milja, Sofia for Kukkola

38. Another corner for us. Oosa is suddenly free centrally in front of the goal, but her finish gets blocked. The ball bounces back to Jemina who shoots from 18 meters - slightly above the goal.

39. One last shot from Ronja. Strong safe from the keeper. The ball bounces back to Jemina, but her rebound misses the left post.

With this deserved 1-0 victory, we finished 2nd in our group (6 points). First was Ekerö (9 points), third Espoo (3), fourth Saku (0).

Viiri-award: Ilona for a fantastic defense performance.

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Esbo BK 0 - 1
(0 - 0)
23' Maali Sammalkangas Siiri

23' Maalisyöttö Huuskonen Jemina

40' Veikkaustähdet * Huuha Ilona
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