FC Y T03-06 - FC United
2019 - C-tytöt (03-06) - Ykkönen
Klo 17:45 Tellushalli (maapohjahalli), Pietarsaari


Last season, we lost 2-10 and 0-6 against United. In the winter, we played two test games and lost 1-5 and 2-4. Our progression constantly showed and we were confident that we could win this game today. The only thing we needed to prevent was United's only weapon: the long, high shots under the crossbar which are out of reach for junior goalkeepers, but will all be easy peasy for adult keepers. Well, we didn't succeed at that, but apart from that it was probably our best game ever. Let's recap:

2. As predicted, United's best player put a first high crossball to our goal from our right side and a striker put a headball only slightly next to our goal.

4. First attack for us on the right wing, leading to a corner. The ball wasn't brought in properly and United initiated a counter attack. Oona (my notes don't say which of them) cleared the area.

5. Everyone was rushing at the ball (girls, remember the correct defensive behaviour we learned in the winter!). Ilona eventually tackles the ball away. First corner on our right side. Dangerous crossball, as always from United. Luckily, their striker headed the ball away for us.

7. Excellent breakthrough from Leonna on the right wing, but a defender blocked her just when she was about to finish.

9. Janette intercepted a pass and forwarded the ball to Siiri. Fantastic pass to the left wing for Kukkola who broke through the defense, but her shot missed the left post. The goalkick came to our right wing where Leonna intercepted it and broke through again on her side. The keeper paried her shot.

10. United's best player, the no. 13 shot the ball from the sideline with a high curve under the crossbar, 1-0. We have a word for such goals in German, but if I translate it to Finnish, I have to make 10 push-ups as penalty.

16. After the goal, we lost our mojo for a while and United immediately exploited this. Another high shot, an unlucky foot in the way, own goal, 2-0.

21. We substituted everyone in after 20 minutes and this brought fresh spirit and willpower. Siiri passed the ball to the right wing for Oosa, who moved into the penalty and finished with a shot to the corner, 2-1.

23. Anette with a good shot from 19 meters. The keeper paried.

25. The game was completely for us now, we dominated heavily in every area of the field. We kept pushing more and more, at the same time leaving our defense too open, United immediately exploited this and with another 30 meter high curve shot right under the crossbar, they scored the 3-1. 10 pushups x 3. I cannot state often enough how much I hate getting such goals. It's an exploit of the fact that junior keepers have to play in adult size goals. I know I repeat myself, but none of these goals will happen in the future. Adult keepers will say "thank you" for such shots. The only reason these goals happen is because there is a mismatch in goal-juniorkeeper-size. That's why I've been saying for years that there needs to be me one more goal size between junior goals and adult goals. Oh, and: 10 pushups.

28. Oosa got tackled to the ground in United's penalty area. A 100% penalty. You could hear the legs hitting each other in the whole hall. Only the referee didn't hear it, unfortunately.

35. What can I say? We played football. United shot curveballs under our crossbar. 4-1 from 25 meters. Well, at the end, we have to admit that we failed in our task: preventing these shots. We knew that this is their only dangerous weapon. (Hint: KPV does the same, so be prepared for it!)

39. Despite the result, we kept going forward. Several shots at United's goal didn't cause enough danger. That's the difference after all: 4 shots for United, 4 goals. Some 10 shots for us, 1 goal.

At half-time we prepared mentally for the second half. We wanted to push our boundaries even further and give United the fight of a life-time. And so we did! Unfortunately without a happy-end. The whole team fought fantasticly. We dominated, we pressed, we played, we shot. We did everything right. But we didn't score enough goals. The good news is: goalscoring is easy to train. And fun to train. So be ready for a lot of goalscoring training this summer. The next game against United shall see us as the winner!

45. Oosa sends Kukkola down the left wing. After a mega run, she finished with a flat shot to the short corner and marked the 4-2. Now, that's how you score a goal, also in adult football in the future.

50. Siiri attempts the United-style. Her shot from 25 meters misses the crossbar by only a few centimeters.

52. Nice attack on the left wing with Oosa and Kukkola. A defender cleared the ball to a corner. The ball is brought to Oosa whose shot hits the left outer net of the goal.

60. The last minutes saw United's best phase and us struggling for a bit. Then it was time for substitutions again. And the game immediately turned again, like in the first half. The following chances illustrate that. And I didn't even write down everything, because there was so much happening and I was just watching the game in excitement. The last 20 minutes were simply fantastic.

60. Oosa broke through and ran alone to the keeper. And then she shot at the keeper.

63. Anette broke through and ran alone to the keeper. And then she shot at the keeper.

64. Anette with a great pass to Siiri who immediately finished at the goal, but the keeper answered with a brilliant foot reflex pary.

67. Freekick from Siiro to Anette. Breakthrough. Shot at the keeper.

70. Freekick trick from Siiri to Oosa. Heads up, looking, shot to the corner - slightly next to the post.

71. Anette broke through on the right wing against three defenders and delivered a pass to the center. Milja missed the ball 7 meters in front of the goal.

74. Crossball from Mattila on the right wing to the center. Milja again missed the ball by only a few milliseconds.

77. Super hard pressing from the whole team. Ronja won the ball, quickly changed the situation and shot at the goal - and straight at the keeper.

77. Just seconds later, Siiri delivered a turning shot, but the keeper paried it with a long jump.

79. One last corner from Anette from the right. Everyone missed the good ball.

Eventually the game was over. The above chances just give a small idea about how heavily we dominated the second half and how one-sided the game was especially in the last 20 minutes. The 2-4 in no way does justice to our fantastic performance. We can and should be very proud of what we did today. You got a glimpse about real football and what is possible if you develop a proper "team". Never underestimate the power of a team. A real team where everyone fights for each other until they fall down of exhaustion. And then they stand up again and push even more. We're about to become one of those real teams. Opponents, beware. Our future just began. And we're only at the first step...

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FC United
21' Maali Niemonen Oosa

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45' Maali Kukkola Oona

45' Maalisyöttö Niemonen Oosa
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